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Manager Help

How do I add a fund?
Click "Funds" under the "Manage" tab. Click "Add Fund". Provide a name and a description and click "Add". Be careful adding funds. Once you add them you can only delete them. You will not be able to edit them.
How do I edit a fund that is already created?
You can not edit a fund that is already created. You must delete the fund and create a new one. Each fund is unique. The name and description you provide are seen by the donors and they may donate towards a fund based on the name and description. To insure donors are accurately donating, Network of Giving can not allow any edits on established funds.
How do I delete a fund?
You can delete a fund by clicking "delete" next to the fund name under the "Manage" tab. WARNING: If there are pending donations towards a fund, those donations will be deleted and need to be rescheduled by the donors. We advise you not to delete a fund unless it is no longer valid and has no pending donations.
How do I edit an organization's information?
Click "edit" next to the organization's name. Then edit the information. All edits will be available for your accountability team to monitor. Please double and triple check your edits.

Remember, Network of Giving is NOT responsible for misspellings or grammatical errors. Network of Giving is also NOT responsible for inappropriate information but reserves the right to suspend and ultimately revoke membership to the Network of Giving for any violation of the "Terms of Use".
How do I generate reports for our organization?
Click "reports" next to your organization under the "manage" tab. Follow the instructions provided.
How do I discuss reports with Network of Giving?
Our first means of communication is through email. This helps lower the cost of running Network of Giving. Send us an email: with your questions. We will contact you within 48 hours with an answer either by email or by phone.
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