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Frequently Asked Questions for Users

How do I donate?
To donate, simply navigate to the "Organizations" page or "My Favorites" under Account Information and find the church or charity that you would like to give to. Click on "Donate" to begin the donation process.
Why do I have a mail account with Network of Giving?
In order to safeguard all of your information and protect your privacy, we do not send any notices via email which contains sensitive information. Rather, we send a notice to your email account to notify you of a new piece of mail in your Network of Giving account. This layer of security helps us maintain a secure system.
How do I find the organization I want to give to?
You can search by state or type in the name at the "Find Organization" bar under the "Organization" tab.
What does that big asterisk symbol mean?
The asterisk is a quick way for you to add the organization in to "My Favorites". You must be logged in for this function to work. After you log in, simply click the asterisk and the organization will be added to "My Favorites".
I can't find my church or charity?
If you can't find your church or charity, they may not be a member of Network of Giving. You can send them an email through Network of Giving suggesting they join the Network of Giving.
I found the right organization, but the pastor's or leader's names aren't correct.
There may be organizations with the same name in Network of Giving. We provide more information to allow donors to make sure they are donating to the correct organization.
How do I edit my information?
Simply click on any link and follow the instructions.
What happens if I need to change bank accounts or information about a bank account?
Click the "Manage Banks" under "Banks" and either add, rename, edit, or delete accounts. Keep in mind if you have scheduled donations under a bank account you need to delete or modify, the scheduled donations will be cancelled and must be submitted again.
What are archived messages?
These are messages you have already viewed and wish to save.
I accidently deleted a message. Can I get it back?
Under normal circumstances, no. Once you delete a message it is gone.
How do I add an organization to "My Favorites"?
Navigate to "Organizations" at the top of the page and find the organization you want to add to as your favorite. Simply click the asterisk next to your organization's name and once it becomes highlighted it will be added to "My Favorites".
How do I delete an organization from "My Favorites" list?
Simply click the asterisk button to toggle the asterisk off and the organization will disappear from "My Favorites".
How do I view receipts for any donation that has already been processed?
Click on "My Donations" at the left of your screen and click the "Completed" tab. Choose the receipt for the completed donation you would like to view.
I can't find a receipt for a donation.
If your donation is in the "Scheduled" tab under "My Donations", you will will not have a receipt yet because the donation has not been processed. Once the donation moves to β€œCompleted” and a link to the receipt appears under "Status", your receipt will be available.

Please note that even though a donation has moved to "Completed", a receipt link is not available until the processing is complete which takes 3 to 5 business days after the date of the donation.
Is there anyone to discuss my receipt or statement with?
Yes, please send an email to with your question and we will respond within 48 hours.
Is my information shared with the organization I am donating to?
Your basic information (Name, Address, and Phone Number) will be shared with the organization you are donating too, unless you opt out. To opt out, click the check box next to "Share my information with this organization" to disable the check. Your information will not be sold or shared to any other organization.
How do I give anonymously?
To give anonymously, click the check box next to "Share my information with this organization" to disable the check. Once the check is gone, your information will not be shared with the organization.
I want to give to a fund not listed.
We provide a memo line for you to share information with the organization about your donation. Simply click the "General Fund" button and add a note in the memo.

Please note that Network of Giving only facilitates the donation process. It is up to you and the organization to assure your donation goes towards the intended purpose.
How do I change a scheduled donation once I have completed the donation?
If you schedule a donation, but need to change your donation or edit future donations, navigate to "My Donations". Click the donation under "Scheduled" and edit the donation.
Are all donations final and nonrefundable?
Yes. Once you donate to an organization through Network of Giving, the donation is final and nonrefundable.

All processed donations are final and nonrefundable. Please use our contact page to inquiry about this policy or to ask other related questions.
Is there a minimum amount I can give?
The minimum is $10.00
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